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Mediacity Hungary kft is a dynamically developing publishing company, which was founded in 2002 as Word Communications Kft. In the past several years, our ever-growing company widened its range with several leading magazines in the Hungarian media market.


Are you interested in the exciting market and technological innovations of agriculture? Would you make your work easier by remotely controlling your machines via your mobile phone with “smart” precise solutions? The Hungarian edition of the German top agrar magazine offers the most important news, opinions and services to the fans of the sector, presenting machine innovations to your business.

top agrár

Babát várunk

Babát Várunk offers baby care advice, tips and articles for throughout your parenting journey. You can read useful information about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. We specialise in everything baby-related.

Chip magazin

CHIP magazine writes in a stylish, understandable way about the exciting, magical world of technology.  We help readers to choose the best hardware or make the most out of their existing ones. CHIP magazine brings you useful tips for Windows, Android, Apple devices, home networks and social media.

Családi Lap

Among our topics, you will find every topic a women’s magazine could cover. Hungarian and foreign stars, inspiring civilian life stories, physical and mental health, parenting, relationship advice, beauty, fashion, travel and of course mouth-watering recipes.

Ditigális Fotó Magazin

Digital Photo Magazine introduces its readers to the latest technical knowledge at a professional level but in an easily understandable manner. We test the latest cameras, lenses and photography equipment. Our photo galleries showcase the work of the most renowned and creative photographers. For the less experienced, we provide compositional and technical advice. You will be informed about almost everything.

Event Magazin

EVENT magazine features the latest event trends, best corporate practices, IT news, legal and management advice.


Motorrevü has been a part of the Hungarian motorcycle community for the last 30 years. Thanks to its partner magazine, German Motorrad, its readers also have access to unique comparison and product tests from around the world. Motorrevü is the first to report on fresh news, events and technical innovations of the motorcycle world.

Digitális Fotó Magazin Extra

Whether it’s colour or black and white, an object, nature, or just a memory from a trip, you can make the result interesting and beautiful. Digital Photo Extra provides professional advice and tips on improving your composition skills.


Reading this magazine will help you learn more about the world of animals, epoch-making inventions, the origins of our sayings, gastronomy or even sports. From the thematic collection, you can read about world records, the wonderful functioning of the human body, myths and stories that may be missing from history books.


INTERPRESS MAGAZINE is a scientific magazine. Curiosities about the past, present and future written by experts. The newspaper covers the past and recent history, medicine, psychology, fine arts, linguistics, technology, social sciences and architecture, as well as the latest scientific news.


In this publication, we look into mysteries and conspiracy theories. We attend to questions such as: who are members of the Illuminati order, whether we can really see UFOs in medieval paintings, and if time travellers may have walked among us. Our authors also shed light on what could explain the most famous conspiracy theories.


Who are we and how do we work? Can we fully understand ourselves, and if not, why not? In IPM Psychology you can read interesting facts about the field of psychology. We offer a variety of topics per issue, in which we examine our communication and clothing habits, the roots of our creativity, our moral values and many more.


In the thematic issues of IPM TÖRTÉNELEM, we discuss various special historical eras, from ancient stories to the recent past.


In IPM AMATŐR TUDOMÁNY you will find interesting scientific experiments that you CAN try at home. You can learn how to build a water bug, a solar balloon, how to make an invisible ink that even spies would envy, and what tricks you can do with a single bottle of champagne to entertain your house party attendees. We recommend the publication to parents, teachers and in general to anyone interested in experiments.


In this book we collected the 401 most interesting questions and answers based on the magazine of the same title.